Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Birthday Through Kate's Lens

My daughter-in-law Kate made me this adorable inspiration board for my birthday!!  I LOVE IT!!
My son Bryan made me this cake and Kate decorated it - how fun is this!!

These are my gorgeous peonies - the original plants came from my Dad's yard.  They are just getting ready to pop open!!  I absolutely love peonies!!
This is me and my adorable birthday cake - Make a wish Lady Robin!!
This is a picture of my sweet grandson Levi and my adorable grandaughter Brookie!!  Two of the sweetest kids on the planet!!
If you can't light the candles - just get the blow torch out!!
Grandma Robin with Brookie and Grandpa Jeff with Kamryn!!
A fun family shot of the birthday celebration!!  What a great family I have!!
Another cute family shot!!
the fam
The aftermath - Everyone's full - wow that was good - Cleanup time!!

after math
Some of my hair barrettes that I make and a branch from my Sensation Lilac tree.  Absolutely one of the most beautiful lilacs I have ever seen!!  This tree was a gift from my sister Lori for my birthday many years ago.

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  1. You're a fabulous photographer! Wow! Your pictures are just gorgeous and I love all the bright colors! That inspiration board is adorable and so was your cake. Yum!