Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blogland Bliss

I have subscribed to several blogs and they are quite detailed and full of all kinds of information.  You can learn just about anything out there.

There are fancy blogs, there are fun blogs, there are informative blogs, ones that advertise, ones for organizing, virtually anything you want to know can be found on a blog.  They are as versatile and diverse as the people on this planet.  Mine is just very simple.  A place to write and record a few memories and maybe share a few things I know a little about.  A place to share a few pictures and thoughts about who and what I love.  Or just a place to write a little bit about my life.  I look at fancy organized decorated blogs and get somewhat overwhelmed as I am sure others do - but what I have come to is that my blog is for me - to record some special things in my life and some special feelings that I have - or maybe it is a place to remember good memories of family and friends or a little part of me.

So here you have it - Lady Robin's Nest - my blog.  I don't blog real regularly but I know if I just keep making the effort I will have a wonderful record of some of the things that mean a lot to me and for my children that is priceless.  I think one of my next tasks is to write about each of my children and grandchildren, my mother, my husband's mother - just so they will know why they are so special to me.