Monday, September 12, 2011

Lauryn and Brooklyn's Birthday Party

Saturday, Jim and I went to Moscow for Lauryn and Brooklyn's combined Birthday Party.  Lauryn turned 6 on September 7, and Brooklyn turns 4 on September 13.  As we arrived we were welcomed by the new patio Bryan had just finished complete with a lovely party table and flag banner which added a festive atmosphere for this fun event.

The other guests had already arrived and were playing games inside when we made our appearance.

When the time came the we ate pizza.  

Then cake and ice cream were served and presents were opened. 

The Cake
The cake was the most amazing surprise!!  There were 2 tall layer cakes - 1 for Lauryn and 1 for Brooklyn.  Guess what the surprise was - voila  - Rainbow Cake.  

Kate - you really outdid yourself on this one!!  The guests (Jim and I, Grandma and Grandpa Thompson and Lauryn and Brooklyn each invited one friend) had cake and ice cream, the presents were opened - the guests left and Jim and I stayed and had an enjoyable afternoon visiting with Bryan, Kate and the girls.

Bryan's Yard - Bryan has been working very hard landscaping his yard.  It is so beautiful and I was amazed at how big his plants had all become.  Bryan - I am so in awe of your talent and ability to create beauty!!  The best part is how much you are able to enjoy your end results and the gift it is for your family and those around you!!

Kate - you are amazing also - the atmosphere you create and the magical feel is such a blessing and I benefitted from it greatly.  I don't normally post pictures of myself but thought this one was very sweet!!  Your love and acceptance of me have truly touched my heart.

All in all it was a wonderful day and it ended even more wonderfully as Jim and I and Kate and the Girls went to see Kelli and Jeremy and shared one of the 6 layer rainbow cakes with them.