Monday, July 8, 2013

Emma Jane

I have a new little person in my life!!

Emma Jane arrived on June 25, 2013 at about 2:00 p.m. and weighed in at 8lb. 1oz.  She has reddish brown hair and is absolutely beautiful.

I love all my grandchildren so much!!  Emma Jane is a sister to Lauryn, Brooklyn and Kamryn and she belongs to my amazing son Bryan and his beautiful wife Katelyn.  They are such a great family!!

I felt a connection to Emma Jane the minute I took her in my arms and snuggled her up close.  Her coloring resembles my son Bryan when he was a baby and I was taken back 31 years ago when I got to hold Bryan for the 1st time.  He was born a little early by cesearean and had some struggles with his lungs so I didn't get to see him much at first.  I got to hold him for just a few minutes and then they whisked him away to NICU.  The next time I saw him he was hooked up to oxygen and monitors as his lungs were underdeveloped.  He spent 2 weeks in NICU and those were 2 of the longest weeks of my life.  I remember finally getting to bring him home and what a joy that was.  Bryan told me that he bonds with his girls immediately when they are born and I took a picture of him holding Emma Jane and I could feel the connection and love between them.

Tell me Emma - so fresh from God - tell me of God's love - give me a glimpse into God's world and let me feel his presence through you.

My granddaughter Emma Jane has a very calm, peaceful little spirit and holding her was very soothing to my soul.  It was as if she was saying - Grandma Robin this peace and calm you feel from me is how it feels to be in God's presence.  I just left him and have brought his spirit with me.

Oh - how I felt the blessing of new life - a new little spirit who would be brought up in love and righteous living.  A beautiful child who would be taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and who would thrive in a loving home with parents who taught her the ways of God.  What a joy this was to me to realize the blessings life had in store for this fresh child from God.

I crave this existence for all children, for myself as I am still a child in many ways.  We all crave this nurturing, this love, this feeling of I am important, I am a child of God - I belong to a family that loves me and will protect me and keep me safe!

I am so grateful that Emma Jane has this in her life and love my son Bryan and daughter in law Katelyn soo much.  I am so grateful that Lauryn, Brooklyn, Kamryn and now Emma Jane are growing up with parents who set limits for them, who spend time with them, who teach them, and help them to know who they are and most importantly that they are daughters of God.  This knowledge makes my heart sing and I cry tears of joy to my Heavenly Father for blessing my life with such a wonderful son and wonderful daughter who are such examples to me.

I love you Bryan and Kate!!  I love you Lauryn, Brooklyn, Kamryn and Emma Jane!!