Friday, June 17, 2011

About Me - Cross Stitch

One of my favorite things to do is counted cross stitch.  I began cross stitching when my son Bryan was a baby (he is now 29 and has 3 little girls) and fell in love instantly.  The nice thing about cross stitch was that it was very inexpensive - I could always come up with a little money for Aida cloth and floss and yes I broke the copyright rules and copied everything I could get my hands on.  Those were the poor years when Jeff was in school and I could be seen many times at the library using the copy machine copying cross stitch patterns.  The other thing I liked about cross stitch was that it was virtually mess free.  I didn't have to get my sewing machine out or drag out the cutting board or fabric but I could keep everything in a basket and it felt very easy.  Over the years - I shouldn't admit this but I will - I probably cross stitched over 800 projects - plus - yes you could say that I was a little obsessed but one thing about having all of your projects in black and white (because I had copied them) was that the colors came to life right before your eyes and it was always very exciting to see what they would turn out like. 

So for years everyone in my family got cross stitch projects for birthdays, Christmas etc.  I put cross stitch in hoops, frames, Christmas trees, I made little sachets - you name it I put it in it!!  So I guess you could say that I am somewhat of an expert when it comes to cross stitch.  When you have done as many projects as I have hopefully you can claim that!!

The other thing I would like to add is that all of my early projects were done on Aida cloth.  I had a friend tell me that if I started stitching on Linen that I would never go back to the Aida cloth.  About 6 years ago I started stitching on Linen and Evenweave and I have to say I have not used Aida since.  When we were in school I couldn't afford the more expensive cloth and one of my most exciting purchases at Walmart was another yard of aida cloth and a few more skeins of floss!! 

Over the years I have also tried my hand at designing a few things - mostly for special occasions and have come up with some pretty lovely things.  Anyway, to make a long story short - a couple of years ago - I thought - I would like to design cross stitch patterns.  Of course being the compulsive person that I am I designed 12 patterns in 3 months and totally burned myself out.  Needless to say, they went into the drawer until a few months ago when I got them out and thought - I need to get these matted and see if anyone is interested in them.  So I took them to my friend Mary Jo who has a business in Spokane, Washington and has done virtually all of my framing over the years and she matted them for me.

I then took them to my daughter-in-law Kate who is a fabulous photographer and asked her if she would photograph them for me.  I am going to put them on my Etsy site for sale as downloads as pdf files.  I am going to give you a sneak preview of them as they are not even available for sale yet but Kate just sent me the pictures and I am very excited to get some feedback.

A note about my designs - I decided that when I started to design my cross stitch patterns that I wanted to focus on meaningful sayings.  I love beautiful inspiring sayings and they say so much to the heart!!

Our Family is a Circle by Lady Robins Nest
I designed this cross stitch about 10 years ago as a gift for my mother and loved the saying so much I thought others would like it too!!

Cherish One Another by Lady Robins Nest
I designed this cross stitch as I loved this saying - actually I got the saying wrong - the original one says that we may all receive instruction together so I guess this is an adaptation on the first saying.  I think I like mine better - I like just sitting down together rather than having to learn something - sounds much more relaxing.

Angels Can't Be Everywhere/Friends by Lady Robins Nest
I love this saying - I have done it in 3 different variations - 1 not pictured yet is Sisters.  That one is coming!!  But I truly believe this saying I believe that Mothers, Friends and Sisters are in our lives to lift us up and carry us and they truly are the angels in our midst.

Angels Can't Be Everywhere/Mothers by Lady Robins Nest
I know my mother is an angel!!  She helps me so much and supports me all the time!!

Fly With Angels by Lady Robins Nest
 I just loved this saying - it is so fun and just says it all - enjoy life - fly with angels - dance with stars!!

Angels Gather Here by Lady Robins Nest
There are many angels all around us - I know I have many in my life and this saying just says it all!!

Garden Fairies Gather Here by Lady Robins Nest
This saying reminds me of my father.  When I think of the magic of nighttime - I think of my father outside with his lantern planting tulips or just looking at the plants at night.  I remember him telling me that plants looked so different by lantern at night.  When the day ends and the sunlight fades, the stars appear - I can just imagine little fairies flying around.  When we lived in Missouri we used to see the fireflies at night all twinkly and fairy like.  I used to love watching them.

Where There is Faith by Lady Robins Nest
I loved this saying when I saw it - it says it all for when we have God in our lives we have everything we need!!

Rocking My Baby by Lady Robins Nest
I have always loved this saying.  My sister Jeannie embroidered me a picture of a mother in a rocking chair with this saying when my children were young and it hung in the nursery for many years.  I wanted to design a cross stitch pattern using these timeless words.

Serenity Prayer by Lady Robins Nest

This picture holds special meaning for me and I will share it with you on another post - but I designed it as it is the theme AA uses in their meetings.  I have always loved this saying and it's meaning is timeless and so poignant to our life experiences. 

So there is a brief rundown on the inspiration for my cross stitch designs.  I am very excited to get them on my Etsy site and hopefully people will like them and want to make them!! 

Anyway - as a thank you to Kate - when she was here a couple of weeks ago she liked an old antique frame that I had and so I took some before and after pictures of it and I painted it up for her and shabbied it.  I told Kate I had a prize for her and the frame is the prize and the challenge for Kate is to do something cool in the frame and then post it on my blog so you can see what she did.  I know it will be amazing because everything Kate does is amazing!! 

 Before painting - this frame is gold and pretty beat up!!
 It has beautiful detailing though!!  Here is an up close shot of the pattern on it!!
 The painting process begins - amazing what a little paint can do!!
An upclose shot of the finished detailing after it has been painted and sanded.

Voila - the finished frame - beautiful and just waiting for a fabulous application!!  What will it be?  Stay tuned and see!!


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  2. You are a lucky lady! your job reflects your joy and wisdom. I copied the Serenity Prayer and always ask God to encourage me to change what I can! But when the pattern will be for sale on, I can get it legally. My e-mail is jvegga@gmail, I live in Rio de Janeiro, and like to work with needles, but I'm not as competent as you! God bless you. Julia.