Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello there

I just wanted to make my 1st post to my blog.  I have never blogged before but wanted a place that I could connect with others who have similar interests that I do and that would like to be a part of the crazy crafting world that I am in.  Some of the plans for my blog are I would like to interview others who love creativity as much as I do.  Share pictures and my love of my family especially my beautiful grandchildren.  Post pictures and ideas of things I love to make. 

I have many interests - they are as varied as can be - but I truly love so many things.  On a given day you can find me refurbishing a piece of old furniture, making a few hair clips, crocheting a headband, making a yo yo or two, felting at least a dozen sweaters and dreaming about the lovely things I am going to make from them.  My passion used to be counted cross stitch.  I still love it but have branched out to other areas.  I have actually designed some original cross stitch designs that I plan to put onto my Etsy site as soon as I finish writing the instructions. I will write about that on another post.  So the challenge I am going to find on my blog is how to focus on a particular area of interest.

I thought about arranging my blog as a creative journey - maybe start when I was young and every so often post adventures from my past.  I am sure as I work on it those ideas will evolve.  Mostly, I want to share my experiences with others and use this as an opportunity to teach those who want to learn, connect with those who have similar interests, and just have a lot of fun!!

Areas I will share ideas in:  Quilting, Cross Stitching, Sewing, Felting Wool, Crocheting, Flowers, Refurbishing Old Furniture, Jewelry Making, Making things from Felted Wool, Vintage Finds, and I am sure I will think of lots more - but that is a start.

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